Only female marijuana plants grow flowers, commonly known as buds or nugs, and what gorgeous flowers they are: brilliant green with white, orange, or purple tendrils, covered in sticky crystals (trichomes) that deliver a THC-packed punch. The trichomes determine the aroma of the flower along with the quality and potency, so the stickier the bud, the better the high.

Flowers are cut, dried and cured before packaging for sale, and they are easily smokeable, with effects lasting from one to three hours depending on the strain and the user’s tolerance. Flower is available in bulk, manufacturer-sealed packages, and also:


Already-rolled Joints That Are Great for Beginners, Busy Pros, and Gifts for Like-minded Friends

Infused Flower

High-quality Flower Coated in Cannabis Oil and Generously Sprinkled With Kief (Crystals)

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